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nxp , .nxp.cui , .nxp.vgui , .nxp.status , .nxp.poin ). Feb 8, 2562 BE n nxs 2.. 8 Feb 2010. I also deleted the WAN MAC database and re-imaged it. I lost my previous wireless network and am now trying to re-join it, but it still says I'm not connected. And I have to manually enter the MAC address because it always tries to connect to a nonexistent network. I am trying to reconnect a wireless network. When it says it can't find the network I think it looks for the WAN MAC database, and it's probably not there because I deleted it. Feb 22, 2562 BE n nxs 10.. 22 Feb 2010. The problem I have is, I cannot connect to my router. I tried to do a complete rebuild, but it still stays in the unconfigured state. I tried to connect again, but my wifi network has not been created. I still cannot connect to my router. Then I noticed that my WAN MAC database was not there. It is now, but it will not be there again unless I do a complete re-image. Here is a listing of what I did to re-image: I downloaded the latest image to the USB stick, and then I went to the windows image section of the router, and it made a complete image. I then connected to the router, and did a re-image using that image. I had a complete image of my router, and I was able to re-image my router with that image. Feb 27, 2562 BE n nxs 3.. 27 Feb 2010. I have been running the router with the new image, and I am now able to connect to my router. I know I deleted the WAN MAC database, so I'm not sure why my router would say my MAC address is not connected if I've connected to my router. I'm not able to tell if my router is actually using the new image that I made, or if the old image is still on my USB stick. How can I find out? Jan 31, 2562 BE n nxs 10.. 31 Jan 2010. I had a complete image of my router, and then I started to have problems with it. The status kept changing from "un

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